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This site is all about San Salvador, a little island in the Bahamas.

south tip of San Salvador Bahamas
San Salvador Bahamas

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About 180 miles south-east of Nassau, San Salvador is roughly 12 miles long and 5 miles wide. The most well know fact about this island is that Christopher Columbus discovered San Salvador in 1492.

San Salvador Columbus land fall park
San Salvador Columbus land fall park

We have maybe 1200 people living here year around and in average 400 guests per week in Club Med. (they never leave the club)

club med san salvador bahamas
Other than that San Salvador has maybe 30 more tourists per week living in rental homes or condos and the Riding Rock hotel which is famous for diving or the Guanahani resort that is famous for kite surfing and 30 something families visiting during the year that own property on San Salvador or people come on their boat and spend time here in San Salvador. There is also the Gerace research centre which host students from the US for a few weeks at the time.

San Salvador Bahamas
San Salvador Bahamas

So, with only a hand full of people you can probably already imagine that the beautiful beaches of the Island are not only breathtaking beautiful but also deserted. You can walk for hours and not see another soul. People coming on vacation to San Salvador usually seek the peace and quiet and the beauty of the crystal clear turquoise and aqua waters. They go diving or fishing or swimming or snorkeling or boating but basically every activity involves the water.

San Salvador Bahamas
San Salvador Bahamas

We have a few restaurants on the island and a few bars and a festival once in a while and some beautiful sites to see but San Salvador is not your typical tourist destination. This island is all about relaxing and letting go and seeing the incredible beauty this Island has to offer.

Bahamas water and beach
Bahamas water and beach

Some people call San Salvador the “Hidden gem of the Bahamas”, I like to refer to it as “The forgotten Island” (there is a book with this title) but most locals call it “The Rock” because it really is a rock sticking out of the water.

Bahamas, mother nature
Bahamas, mother nature

Life here in San Salvador never seems to change, it feels as if time stands still. No rush, no stress, no drama, no crime, only friendly people that help each other. If you have a car and drive around the Island you have to keep your window open so you can greet each car that passes by. (if you know the people or not doesn’t matter)

Bahamas San Salvador Marshal track
Going shopping for milk usually takes me a few hours because I have to stop at Stanley’s bar for a drink or soda, then I talk to Edna for a little bit (Stanley’s mother) and before I leave some other people that I know show up and you have a little chat and once I am on the road again I might run into a neighbor and exchange some words and at the grocery store I always meet people that I know and we joke around a little and and and. Life is different here !!!

San Salvador Bahamas
San Salvador Bahamas

Please check out the picture section and read some of my posts/ stories to get a better understanding of this very special place. Hope you enjoy all the information about San Salvador.

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Bahamas, San Salvador visit Stanley’s Bar

Stanley’s Bar is an icon in the Bahamas on the Island of San Salvador. If you ever visit the Island you have to go for a drink a Stanley’s, even if you do nothing else.This little bar gives you a great feeling for the Bahamian people, the Island and the way they live on San Salvador.
Stanley's Bar San Salvador Bahamas (6)
Stanley’s is open every day from about 7 am to 7 pm. The bar is located in Sugar Loaf, about 7 minutes south of San Sal airport. It sit right on Queens highway, next to Kenny the wood-carver. (which will be another post)

Most tourist drive by, not even knowing that they just missed an awesome place. Yes, there is a sign but since the little bar is in a corner and cars are always parked on that corner, you will focus on the street and miss the bar. There is no official parking lot but then again, we are in the Bahamas, on San Salvador, you can pretty much park anywhere other than in the middle of the street.  Sometimes the door is closed and the place looks deserted from the outside  but  don’t worry, just pull the door and walk right in.

Stanley's Bar San Salvador Bahamas (5)

Stanley’s bar is tiny but so cosy, when you have 4 people at the bar counter and 4 people sitting on chairs, the bar is full and unusually crowed. Sometimes when the weather is not too hot or cold here in the Bahamas, people take their drinks outside and sit on the front steps.

Stanley's Bar San Salvador Bahamas (8)

Stanley runs this bar for more than … years now and he is the sweetest and friendliest bar tender you can find anywhere. He knows all his clients, knows what they drink and greets everybody with a warm welcome. I had only been to the bar once but month later when I visited the Island again, he gave me a big hug and with a huge smile on his face he said “Welcome back to San Salvador Anne”  .

Stanley's Bar San Salvador Bahamas (3)

Every one on the Island knows Stanley and his bar, everybody stops by for a beer once in a while and a lot of stories get told and created in this bar. People just hang or play domino or back gammon (on the one table in the bar) or you take your drink outside and go over to Edna (Stanley;s mother) and sit on her doorsteps chit chatting for a while, surrounded by a cat and some chicken and children playing. But, be careful, if Edna starts telling you her stories you might stay much longer than you anticipated, time just flies by listing to her.

Stanley's Bar San Salvador Bahamas (4)

Enough said about Stanley’s bar here in the Bahamas on San Salvador, no words or pictures can describe it.

Trust me, if you have not seen Stanley’s Bar you have not seen San Salvador. If it was up to me, it would be a national historic site ! Check out the  San Salvador Video

Waterfront / Oceanfront / Beachfront land for sale in San Salvador Bahamas

Huge direct oceanfront lot for sale. Property is located on Marshal track, San Salvador Bahamas. If you are looking for a perfect beachfront lot with amazing views onto crystal clear waters and a sandy beach, this piece of property might be your dream. It has 100 feet on the ocean and is over 200 feet deep.

The land is situated on the west coast of San Salvador Bahamas you will be able to see the beautiful sunsets every night. This part of the Island has water and electiricity, phone and internet access. Only 10 minutes away from town, the marina, Club Med and the airport, the location is perfect and the lot is big enough to build a waterfront estate if you wanted to.

Please check out some of my blog posts to get a better feeling for the island of San Salvador here in the Bahamas. There are some other ocean / beachfront lots for sale on the Island but I truly believe that this one is the most attractive waterfront lot.

You have some shallow rock formation which I think is the perfect natural seawall but you also have a beautiful beach and unspoiled sand. I spend hours on the beach and will not see one single person ! This piece of land is very secluded but at the same time close to shops and restaurants.

Where in the world can you buy oceanfront lots for this price???

As of October 2015 American Airlines has biweekly flights from Miami directly to San Salvador. so, within an hour or so your could be at your oceanfront dream home.



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Airport San Salvador Bahamas

San Salvador International Airport gets an upgrade
Transport and Aviation Minister the Hon. Glenys Hanna-Martin led a delegation to San Salvador on Tuesday morning to tour the San Salvador International Airport as it undergoes an expansion and structural upgrades after the terminal suffered structural damage during the passage of Joaquin.

“It would not be unfair to say that San Salvador is getting a new airport” said the Transport and Aviation Minister, obviously pleased with the progress made to date.

With increased airlift to the island from France, Canada and the United States, Minister Hanna-Martin is confident that an enhanced airport, the gateway, will definitely enhance the island’s tourism product.

“An enhanced airport that more properly facilitates people to this island I think will enhance the (tourism) product” she said.

Having commenced on the 12th January, the $1.2 million airport expansion and upgrades are being carried out by World Construction and Development Company.

Copied this from an article on BahamasIslandinfo

Home, small resort for sale in the Bahamas, San Salvador

Home, small resort for sale in the Bahamas, San Salvador

House, Resort for sale on San Salvador Bahamas. Direct beachfront home
House, Resort for sale on San Salvador Bahamas. Direct beachfront home

Definitely the most unique property here in the Bahamas on the island of San Salvador !!!
You will not find anything comparable for sale in the Bahamas and I am talking design, material, construction, location and on it goes. This compound is out of this world, YES I mean it.

House, Resort for sale on San Salvador Bahamas. Direct beachfront home (35)

Very difficult to describe this one of a kind complex / house. It reflects a mixture of elegant Italian design with the beautiful beachfront settings of a secluded Bahamian Island.

House, Resort for sale on San Salvador Bahamas. Direct beachfront home (25)

You will not find anything like this again. It is perfectly suited as a single family home or vacation paradise or would be awesome for a kite surf, fishing or diving resort, maybe a luxury yoga retreat or spiritual get away or hotel. Sooooo many possibilities with this incredibly beautiful piece of real estate.

House, Resort for sale on San Salvador Bahamas. Direct beachfront home (37)

Situated on the south east site of San Salvador this property isn’t just waterfront, it is direct beachfront. The view onto the ocean and High Key could not be more breathtaking !!! The crystal clear water has every color between aqua blue and turquoise, and the long beach offers beautiful white sand.
In real estate we often use the words “diamond in the rough” Well, this one is the opposite, it is the most polish diamond you have ever seen.

House, Resort for sale on San Salvador Bahamas. Direct beachfront home (46)

Not only is the Island of San Salvador here in the Bahamas very special and different but this incredibly gorgeous one of a kind complex is the icing on the cake.

So, if you are in the market to buy a luxury property, single of multiple family home in the Bahamas you might have just found your dream piece of real estate. The asking price is $5,250,000

House, Resort for sale on San Salvador Bahamas. Direct beachfront home (18)

San Salvador Bahamas, the island of discovery, San Salvador is the best kept secret in the Bahamas and one of the “true family islands”.
Surrounded by crystal clear turquoise waters and a virgin coastline, San Salvador offers an idyllic
lifestyle with perfect year round weather.
San Salvador is well-known for its world-class diving and some of the best deep sea fishing in the region with World deep sea fishing tournaments held every year.

House, Resort for sale on San Salvador Bahamas. Direct beachfront home (6)

Guanahani Beach Club is a luxury and exclusive Resort tucked away on the southeast coast of San Salvador, 30 minute drive from the airport, right on the gorgeous white powdery sandy beach of Snow Bay.
SNOW BAY ( a subdivision on San Salvador / Columbus Landings) stretching for approximately 1.5 miles is nestled between the tranquil ecological paradise of Pigeon Creek to its south, small secluded cays to its east, and one of the most unique bays in all of the Bahamas. On its private beach one can find total seclusion, with no commercial constructions happening ever as the area is residential and not zoned for commercial.

House, Resort for sale on San Salvador Bahamas Direct beachfront home

The few homes that do exist are owned by second home owners visiting only a few times out of the year, leaving the beach for guests at Guanahani on San Salvador virtually alone in their own private piece of paradise.
The 7.150 square foot property sits on 2 lots (1 lot beachfront Square feet 20.895 and 1 lot in the back Square feet 12.647) totaling 33.542 square feet and hosts a maximum of 10 guests.

House, Resort for sale on San Salvador Bahamas. Direct beachfront home (28)

The resort comprises
of 4 villas (3 one bedroom villa and 1 -two bedroom villa), 1 restaurant – bar with a very spacious Patio, currently used as lounge area. The resort is built with the finest materials all imported from Italy with its structures all being hurricane proof. All buildings are made with solid REINFORCED concrete, with cement roofs and solid full wood-double glass fixtures.

House, Resort for sale on San Salvador Bahamas. Direct beachfront home (31)

All the hardware is in MARINE stainless-steel
(A-316, not rust warranty). Water and electricity are produced by Guanahani’s independent power source operated by a solar and photovoltaic system that sits on the back lot eliminating all noise pollution.
The back lot still offers the possibility of adding other buildings.

The villas are simple and elegant with particular attention being given to the choice of the materials used. These would include bleached oak and teak wooden flooring, crisp white walls, teak furniture, full wood louvered shutters, solid wood-double glass French doors and windows to create a sophisticated ambience but at the same time comfortable. All the materials and furniture, windows doors shutters are imported from Italy.

House, Resort for sale on San Salvador Bahamas. Direct beachfront home (26)

With white as the dominant color it is not only a question of taste but also a deliberate choice to be in harmony with the breathtaking colors of sea and the nature in the background. Each villa has a pleasant veranda perfect for enjoying the breakfast or reading.

House, Resort for sale on San Salvador Bahamas. Direct beachfront home (34)
The Resort is surrounded by green palm trees and red Bougainvillea creating a magical contrast between the white color of the buildings and the kaleidoscopic colors of sea in the background.
Additionally the resort comprises a Sport Center fully equipped with Kiteboarding equipment, catamaran, kayaks, boat equipped with 25HP engine.

House, Resort for sale on San Salvador Bahamas. Direct beachfront home (38)

Guanahani Beach Club here on San Salvador in the Bahamas is a turn on key business.
Guanahani Beach Club, because of the way it is designed, is also ideal as vacation house with each Villa being a small private area and the main restaurant the perfect social area for the family or guests visiting.

Guanahani Beach Club is under the BAHAMAS HOTELS ENCOURAGEMENTS ACT and the benefits are:
– Customs duties exemption on building material, furniture etc…..
– Property tax exemption for 10 years (starting from 2010) and extendable for other 10 years.

Companies, in the Bahamas, are not subjected to any income tax and accounting books are not required.
Please note:
Possibility of building the fifth beachfront villa (project already approved).
Other buildings can be built on the back lot.

Beachfront home plus 2 lots on San Salvador Bahamas for sale.

Beachfront home on San Salvador Bahamas for sale. Columbus Landings 4, Sandy Point, sits on 1 lot plus 2 other lots of land to ensure privacy.  70,000 square feet of land, imagine the possibilities !  

Special, charming, cozy, flooded with sunlight, unbelievable views, these words do not even begin to describe this wonderful beach front home on San Salvador in the Bahamas.

San Salvador Bahamas house for sale. Direct oceanfront with beautiful beach. Bahamas property for sale (33)The pictures are beautiful but they don’t do justice to this amazing house and all the words in the world won’t be enough to convey the amazing feeling you get once you enter though the gates.

san.salvador-1083172 House for sale on San Salvador Bahamas. oceanfront property for sale (26) You have to visit and actually experience the positive and loving atmosphere in the home for yourself. Dr. Savio, the owner of the house has taken extremely good care of it for many many years and he has put a lot of thoughts into each remodel and addition phase that he has done over the years. So much attention to details, so much pride of ownership.

IMG_2797 IMG_2799

The backyard is simply a dream. Most magnificent views onto the beach and the waters of the ocean that have every color between turquoise and navy blue.

IMG_2790 Bahamas (5) This location on San Salvador is unbeatable, situated on the south western tip of the Island surrounded by crystal clear water and the widest beaches on the island.

San Salvador Bahamas
San Salvador Bahamas
south tip of San Salvador Bahamas
San Salvador Bahamas


Lots #54, #55 & #56 Block #34 Columbus landings 4 for sale.

DESCRIPTION OF PROPERTY: ALL THOSE pieces parcels or lots of land being Lots Number Fifty-four (54), Fifty-five and Fifty-six Block Number Thirty-four (34) in a Subdivision known as and called “Columbus Landing Four (4)” situate south of Cockburn Town and southwest of the Queen’s Highway which said pieces parcels or lots of land have such boundaries, shapes and dimensions as shorn on the plan (Exhibit B) and having an area of approximately One and Sixty-one Hundredth (1.61) (1.61) acre or Sixty-nine Thousand Nine Hundred and Seventy-eight (69,978) square feet. No adverse conditions were noted on the subject property or the surrounding lots. However, professional engineers would be needed to confirm these assessments.

TYPE OF PROPERTY: Irregular shaped developed beach/ocean front elevated land.
ZONING: Residential.

LOCATION: The subject property is situate on the northwestern side of a forty (40) feet wide road name and called Sandcliff Avenue, eastward of the Queen’s Highway on Sandy Point beach in the southwestern part of San Salvador Island.
SERVICES: Electricity telephone and water lines. Drainage is by septic tank and soakaway.

NEIGHBOURHOOD: Columbus Landing Four Subdivision occupies the southern portion of San Salvador from Queen Highway to the north, Sandy Hook to the east, the coast line to the south and Grotto Beach to the West. The Island of San Salvador is twelve miles long and six miles wide or approximately sixty-three (63) square miles and the capital is Cockburn Town. The main road, Queen’s Highway, renders views of the shoreline, beaches, turquoise water, cays and reefs. The rocky shoreline has breath taking views of the Atlantic Ocean, the many lakes, the rolling hills, the elevated cliffs with beautiful grottos, the mysterious caverns and the low areas abound with tropical plants and fruit trees. Government offices, BEC, BTC, School and the Bank of The Bahamas are situated in Cockburn Town and San Salvador International Airport and the world famous Club Med resort are to the northwest.

BUILDINGS IMPROVEMENT: Construction: On the subject property are four single storey structures. 1) The villa residence of C.B.S reinforced eight-inch concrete block constructed on poured concrete foundations with poured concrete floor slab and a pitched roof with asphalt shingles coated with rubber silicone on exterior grade plywood on wood rafters. 2) The garage of C.B.S reinforced eight-inch concrete block constructed on poured concrete foundation with poured concrete floor slab and a pitched roof with asphalt shingles with rubber silicone on exterior grade plywood on wood rafters. 3) The boat house and shed of timber on two-inch by four-inch planks constructed on poured concrete foundation with poured concrete floor slab and a pitched roof with asphalt shingles with rubber silicone on exterior grade plywood on wood rafters.

Interior Finishes: The villa: Walls are reinforced eight and four-inch concrete blocks and sheetrock on 2×4 inch pine timber studs. Floors finished in Italian tiles. The ceilings in the living and utility-office are marine plywood and bedrooms ceilings are sheetrock. Exterior doors are a combination paneled hardwood and double sliding glass in aluminum frames; interior doors are a combination paneled hardwood and hollow core. Windows are jalousie type in aluminum frames. The main bathroom is finished in Spanish tiles and the other in Italian tiles. Electrical and plumbing lines are PVC. Ventilation is four air-conditioning one for the living/dining and kitchen and the other three for other rooms and ceiling fans. Kitchen cabinets and bathrooms vanities are finished with Formica.
The garage: Walls are eight-inch concrete blocks. Floor is concrete. Exterior door is electrically control accordion type hard plastic.
The boat house and shed: Walls are timber. Floors are concrete. Exterior doors are timber.

SPECIAL FEATURES: The unique beach, at Sandy Point, has such shape and forms that all other beaches on San Salvador pales in comparison and the tranquil aquamarine water of the North Atlantic Ocean. Electrically operated entrance gate. Accordion type hurricane protection. Decorative native rock on corners of building. Plush landscaped court yard.

ACCOMMODATION: The villa consists of the master bedroom with a large dressing room and a workshop for maintenance fully equipped and stocked and a separate storage room; both can be changed to individual bedroom or made into a large bedroom and a guest bedroom, 2 bathrooms, living room, dining room and kitchen, office, laundry room and partly covered patio; the garage that secure a Jeep Wrangler, a motorbike and miscellaneous items; the boat house that secure the Boston whaler boat with a 25 HP engine and miscellaneous items; and the shed with a garden maintenance tools and miscellaneous items, furniture, refrigerators, .

SITE IMPROVEMENTS: Landscaping includes grass lawn, multi-types palm trees, pine trees, sea grape trees, flowering plants, shrubs mature native trees. Other improvements include a deep spring well ‘brackish water’ 20,000 gallon rainwater cistern with pump and pressure tank system, a concrete underground storage bunker.
SEAWALL: The wall was constructed with poured concrete over pilings faced with ribbed metal facing and special emphasized is on the wall because of the very complex work and it has already withstood three hurricanes.

OFF-SITE IMPROVEMENTS: Queen’s Highway is asphalt paved and has street lights. Most of the roads within the subdivision are not yet fully paved.

I promise, once you come and visit this beautiful home on San Salvador here in the Bahamas you will NOT want to leave again, to me this incredible home has magic powers, it just fascinates you and draws you into a different mindset, full of peace and positive vibes. The asking price for this house is $990,000


A few words from Dr. Savio himself, the owner of this home for sale in the Bahamas on San Salvador.


The Bahamian island of San Salvador is surrounded by thriving coral reefs and crystal-clear waters. Underwater photographers rate these reefs higher than the Australian Barrier Reef.

We love the sea, and over the course of some 20 years we visited the best islands in the world – from Polynesia to the Maldives and the Comoros, from Los Roques and San Andres to the Bahamas. We toured all of the inhabited islands the Bahamas – starting from Bimini – until we arrived at San Salvador in the Bahamas.

Our idea of holiday is very simple. You should do the opposite of what you do in your work life. As my normal life is full of social engagement (look me up in Wikipedia), I was seeking a place where I could seclude myself, but still retain all the modern comforts – electricity, running water, internet service, television, etc. We also wanted to be able to drive to shops and restaurants, even if they were on a different scale than what we were used to.
But every time we found a secluded place, there was no electricity or water. And where utilities were available, there would always be people in sight. But when we saw the little oceanfront house on Sandy Point, a small subdivision on San Salvador, we knew that our long quest had ended.
Here in San Salvador we have nearly two miles of beautiful pink sand beach almost to ourselves, and we are within 15 miles of a small community with shops, eateries an airport and a public dock. So we bought the house, and enlarged it (to over 2,400 sf),.We also bought the adjacent two lots, to ensure complete privacy. The surrounding land is a public park, so we have all of Sandy Point for us.

We created a villa that fuses Mediterranean and Bahamian living styles. Without much effort, some spaces could be converted into three additional bedrooms. And with the adjacent lots, up to three villas could be built, to accommodate an extended family, or for speculation.

The house is complemented by a large garage with a paint room; a boat shed; a storage shed for outdoor furniture, and an underground space (to avoid spoiling the landscape) to accommodate all of our maintenance equipment and materials.

There is also a store room in the house for provisions, as well as a workshop. Those two spaces could easily be converted into a large bedroom.

A 21-foot well provides brackish water, and a 25,00-litre rainwater water tank irrigates the garden, via a drip system. The house includes a new 16 kw Generac LP gas generator, and comes with a 16-foot Boston Whaler, which draws very little water and is ideal for reef fishing and snorkelling,

There are three refrigerators, four air conditioning systems, wi-fi, satellite TV, stereo, a water cooler, and an intercom between the house and the automatic main gate.

The house has been built to withstand hurricanes, and has survived without any problem the five hurricanes that struck San Salvador over the past 23 years. Minimal damage to shingles was caused during the last Category Four storm, which passed over the island in October 2015.

Theis home on San Salvador sits on a rise overlooking the sea, and it is only a few steps from our bedroom to the shore, with nobody in sight. Our friends and visitors all say that this is a unique location. In fact, this villa in Nassau (the Bahamian capital) would have a value of at least $2.5 million. In Europe a similar residence would be out of the market. It features first-class European appointments and outfitted with classic island furniture.

A few words on the island of San Salvador here in the Bahamas itself. Beside the reefs and beaches, it has quite a number of historical locations. There are three points where Christopher Columbus is supposed to have set foot here on October 12 1492, marking the first European encounter with the Americas. There are also the remains of 18th century Loyalist plantations, founded by British refugees and enslaved Africans after the American Revolution.

The few hundred inhabitants of Cockburn Town and a handful of other outlying settlements are very friendly, and there is no crime. However, there is no work ethic as the locals have a very relaxed view of life.

Mobile phones operate at 4G speed and there will soon be direct fibre optic cables to the home.. The main settlement includes a bank, a clinic with a doctor and four nurses, seven churches, two supermarkets, a post office, a power station, two gasoline stations, a marina for visiting yachts (several tuna and marlin records have been registered here), and a hotel especially for divers who want to explore the magnificent reefs.

There is also an international field station on the island which caters to students from the United States for courses on geology, biology and archaeology. There is also a beautiful resort for kitesurfing, which offers lessons in this new sport.

The chief touristic facility on the island is a Club Med village, which opened in 1992, on the occasion of the quinacentennial of Columbus’ landfall. Its restaurants, shows and other amenities are available to all residents on San Salvador, for a fee.

But in our view, this incredible little island (which is about the same size as Manhattan, but with only 1,200 inhabitants) is all about relaxation and the natural environment. Beachcombing, snorkeling fishing, and reading are the activities we enjoy most.

My first wife loved this place so much that she is buried here in the Catholic cemetery. And it is with great regret that for personal reasons I have to leave here.

It is my hope that the buyer my home will be as happy as I have been here from 1980. And I will make sure that the purchase transaction will have special consideration.
Below please see some very artistic pictures taken of this San Salvador home for sale by two well-known photographers.

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