San Salvador, NOT just one of the many Islands of the Bahamas

About San Salvador, NOT just one of the many Islands of the Bahamas. On this site you will find every information you need about San Salvador, one of the Islands in the Bahamas.
I guess every website or blog needs to have an “about” page.
Well, there is too much to say about the beautiful Island of San Salvador in the Bahamas and it will never fit on an “About page” but I will try to give you an overview.

To learn more about this incredible little island in the Bahamas, please read some of my blogposts.
Ok, here we go.
San Salvador is AWESOME, for many many different reasons.
It is not touristy at all. Yes we have a Club Med on the island but guests don’t really venture out into the real world and therefore you only see an occasional guy here or there on a bike exploring the island.

Guests in San Salvador that stay in the Riding Rock are mostly here to dive and fish and you will not meet them outside of the hotel either. Those that stay at the Guanahani resort are on the other site of the island and spend their time kite surfing not roaming around. So, that leaves us with the few people that rent ocean front homes for their vacation here on San Salvador or a handful of foreign homeowners in the south of the Island, known as Sandy Point and Snow Bay. The local people are very friendly, fun and welcoming to “new arrivals”

Beaches are everywhere, access to crystal clear water is everywhere, fishing is a dream and San Salvador is one of the best diving spots in the world.

Easy and fast access to the island with daily flights from Nassau. San Salvador has an international airport with an 8000 foot landing strip that can accommodate planes and jets from all over the world (jet fuel is available since June 2015)

You can also come to San Salvador with your boat. The Riding Rock marina is equipped to accommodate nearly every size of boat or you can anchor close to shore in one of the many beautiful locations around the Island.

We have a few restaurants and bars and grocery shops, no taxis but car and scooter rentals are available on the Island or you just do it the Island way, hitchhike. Yes, this is a popular way of transportation on San Salvador and it is Safe !!!

Best parties are always the fish fries, you can enjoy local food and drinks and best of all local music and mingle with the people of San Salvador.

Enough said now, pack your bag and come see for yourself.
You might even run into me and I will buy you a beer at Stanley’s (my favorite place)


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