The Bahamas has five new national parks in San Salvador


National Parks on San Salvador Bahamas

Just a few days ago the announcement was made that five new national parks are added to the Bahamian park system. All of them in San Salvador. This is a big step for the Island and towards preserving it’s incredible beauty. The San Salvador Living Jewels Foundation has been working towards this goal for many years and finally they got rewarded. The Bahamas are really steeping up their efforts to protect mother nature.


Graham’s Harbour Iguana and Seabird National Park –  protect iguanas, the highest diversity of seabirds in The Bahamas, in addition to healthy reef systems and sea grass beds.

West Coast Marine Park – protect an extensive coral reef system, including a spectacular coral wall and vertical drop to more than 13,000 ft, popular dive sites on San Salvador, the critically endangered hawksbill turtle, tropic birds, shearwaters and a migratory route for humpback whales.

Pigeon Creek & Snow Bay National park –  protect the only tidal creek on San Salvador, Pigeon Creek, and an indispensable nursery area to support fisheries stocks.

Southern Great Lake National Park –  protect an extensive mangrove system , nesting seabirds, and another population of the San Salvador rock iguana, and:

Green’s Bay National Park – protect sea grass beds, and a major iguana population.


Why the Bahamas ? Why San Sal

San Salvador Bahamas
San Salvador Bahamas

Why San Salvador ? Well, I could just let the pictures speak for themselves……….

San Sal has a lot of advantages over nearly all other Bahamas Islands. The most important thing is accessibility. San Salvador airport is a port of entry with an 8000 feet runway, big enough for all planes to land. The runway is paved and in great condition.San Salvador is only 55 minutes from the United States by Air.

San Salvador already has a power plant, a reverse osmosis water plant and fiber optic high speed cable. There are shops and restaurants, a gas station and a coin laundry, churches and schools, hotels, diving facilities and kit surfing resort.

The main Highway, Queens´s highway is paved and circles around the whole Island. For more then 12 years Club med has successfully operated a first class resort on the island.

San Salvador Bahamas is one of the most incredible sites in the world for diving. The visibility is very good, pristine reefs and lots of tropical fish and other sea life.

Every year there is a Billfish Tournament, they call this the best fishing area in the Caribbean, Cat Island, Rum Cay and San Salvador. Plenty of Tuna, Wahoo, Grouper and Snapper.

San Salvador Bahamas Real Estate still affordable

San Salvador Bahamas
San Salvador Bahamas

Real Estate San Salvador. Nice size buildable lots, vacant land here on San Salvador in the Bahamas starts at $5000. Most of them are just a mile off the beautiful San Salvador Bahama beaches. Direct oceanfront lots / beachfront lots start around $ 150,000 

Where else in the world can you find this? Also there is a new development coming up and prices should be stating at $450,000 for brand new homes with beach access and all the amenities. 

Beautiful crystal clear water, white sandy beaches, friendly people, incredible diving, unbelievable fishing, amazing sunsets and and and. Only 360 miles south east of Miami Florida. So do not wait around, this opportunity will not last forever. Buy your own piece of paradise in San Salvador, the Bahamas.