San Salvador Bahamas, after the Hurricane Joaquin


AMAZING how fast this little island of San Salvador on the eastern side of the Island chain recovered. Yes, there is still some work to do, some roofs to repair and some streets to fix BUT the spirit is back up and everybody is in a positive mood.

San Salvador Island of the Bahamas (12)
San Salvador Bahamas, beaches are as beautiful as ever.
San Salvador Bahamas after hurricane (6)
San Salvador Bahamas This is the biggest clean up job I have seen. Mostly it is just a few pieces of debris here and there.

A lot of people are still out of work because Club Med doesn’t open till 1/31/2016 but that is only 2 weeks away. Electric, water, phone, internet they were all down after the storm but back up and running now all over the island. I have to say, I am truly amazed about the progress and most of all how the beautiful people of San Salvador dealt with the clean up.

San Salvador Bahamas after hurricane (7)
San Salvador Bahamas after hurricane

Yes, you still see some debris on the side of the roads, some blue traps on homes, some of the landscaping is still brow instead of green but the one thing that really stunned me when I was on the Island in December was the road to Snow Bay (east coast of San Salvador) ……..everything is and looks totally different than before and I think I will be like this for some time to come.

San Salvador Bahamas after hurricane (4)
San Salvador Bahamas. This used to be a normal dirt road , now you can not drive on it because it is blocked by tons and tons of rocks and stones.

What used to be a typical dirt road with some potholes in it now looks like something from out of space. my first thought was “this is how I picture the moon” I know, it sounds crazy but it is soooooo different.

San Salvador Bahamas after hurricane (3)
San Salvador Bahamas, sand dunes all the way along the road.

Never seen anything like this and the first time I went from Sandy Point, Columbus Landings 4 (west coast of San Salvador)  to Snow Bay and Guanahani Resort to have a coffee with Elena and Carlos I stopped the car a couple of times to take in this new reality and the beauty of it.

San Salvador Bahamas after hurricane (5)
San Salvador Guanahani Beach Resort, looks like new after the storm. Beautiful place !!!

This first drive down to Snow bay is something I won’t forget for a long time. I was mesmerized by how different everything looks and by the thought that “wind” did change the landscape that much. I guess that was the moment when I really understood how strong this hurricane was. So, like I said, San Salvador here in the Bahamas survived the storm and is doing great again.