Hurricane Joaquin on San Salvador Bahamas

Hurricane Joaquin on San Salvador Bahamas
Hurricane Joaquin news, updates and damages on the Island of San Salvador in the Bahamas.
It has been a couple of very intense dates for San Salvador and it looks like there is still a few more hours of high winds, lots of rain and definitely huge waves for the west coast of the island.
I am in Florida at the moment and I was going crazy with worries about the people on San Salvador. I spend hours on the computer and in front of the TV to find any kind of reliable news and information. at one point I realized how many people are NOT in San Salvador right now and they all have friends or family here in the Bahamas or homes that they own and care about. they are all in the same situation I was in.

So, instead of just sitting here worrying I created a face book page for San Salvador news and updates. This page is helping a lot right now and I hope in the future we can keep it going with more positive updates and news about the Bahamas and our beloved Island of San Salvador.
Check it out to get REAL information from real people on the island of San Salvador. Joaquin is not gone yet and there is already a lot of property damage on San Salvador but hopefully nobody will get hurt.
Here is the link    San Salvador facebook updates
Please like the page, that way you will not miss any updates on Joaquin.


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