Food on San Salvador Bahamas

Food on San Salvador Bahamas. Where to go for dinner or lunch or breakfast, restaurants and take outs on San Salvador in the Bahamas. I was working on my computer all morning long and around noon I needed a break and I was hungry. Got in the car in search for some food.

Preferably a cheeseburger which I didn’t have in month. After half a mile or so I ran into Robby and his friend and we decided it was time for a “cold Kalik” so off we went to Stanley’s bar.

San Salvador Island of the Bahamas (2)

After that first stop I picked up my friend K in town and we headed for “Carters take out” in Cockburn town but unfortunately they were closed for a few days.

San Salvador Island of the Bahamas (3)

Next stop was the restaurant “Paradise” where we chatted a little bit with the police inspector and some other people but Paradise was under renovation and it would have taken hours to get some food.

San Salvador Island of the Bahamas (4)

So, we headed over to Hansel’s restaurant BUT we were too early it was still closed.

San Salvador Island of the Bahamas (5)

Now we are running out of options …. but “Down home” in Sugar loaf (subdivision on San Salvador) answered the phone and we were able to order 2 cheeseburgers.

San Salvador Island of the Bahamas (7)

So, off we go to Sugar Loaf but no without making a quick stop at “Zippy” in Cockburn town for another beer.

San Salvador Island of the Bahamas (6)

Once we had our burger we went to the Columbus Land fall park, found a nice picnic table in the shade right on the beautiful beach and all of a sudden the day turned into something very special. How lucky can we be to have the best burger, a beer and the most awesome scenery on San Salvador.

San Salvador Island of the Bahamas (9)

We could not help it, the water and the beautiful beach just “called” u s and  after we finally finished our food we went in the water (fully clothed)

San Salvador Island of the Bahamas (10)

San Salvador Island of the Bahamas (11)

Soaking wet as we were we wanted to go home but of course we had to stop at “Juice” for one more beer and some good company.

San Salvador Island of the Bahamas (13)

San Salvador Island of the Bahamas (1)

Sometimes it is not easy to find the food you want on San Salvador but this little excursion that K and I did yesterday shows you that it is all well worth it! We had an incredible afternoon on this very special Bahamian Island of San Salvador.



2 thoughts on “Food on San Salvador Bahamas

    1. Dear Fabio. Thanks for your comment. San Salvador is NOT developed at all. This is the beauty of the island. We have 5 little developments here. all the way in the North is “United Estates” south of this is “Victoria Hill” then you have the main town “Cockburn town” a few miles south of this is “Sugat Loaf” and all at the South tip of the Island you have “Columbus Landings”
      altogether somewhere between (nobody ever really counted) 900 and 1200 locals and maybe 60 expats live on San Salvador. You can drive for miles and see nobody !!! Your own footsteps are usually the only once on the beach…… hope this answers your question. Have a fabulous day. Anne

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